Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Teeth Whitening is a dental treatment used to whiten and brighten the color of your natural teeth enamel. Teeth Whitening is an optimal solution for anyone who wants to enhance their smile. Patients will notice excellent results with our teeth-whitening procedure. Our Grand Prairie dentists are trained professionals who understand the science behind teeth whitening and teeth sensitivity to ensure your treatment is painless and easy. Why wait any longer to have a bright smile when you can have it with a simple procedure at a comfortable and affordable dental office?

Who is teeth whitening for?

Teeth whitening is for anyone who would like to brighten their smile. However, teeth whitening is nor for children under 16 years of age because the pulp is still enlarged and youngsters risk damaging the roots and nerves of their teeth. It’s also not recommended for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.

When should I get teeth whitening?

Do you ever wish you had brighter and whiter teeth? Our Grand Prairie dentists can transform the look for your smile by using teeth whitening treatments. If you enjoy a regular cup of coffee, consume regular dark drinks, and eat enamel staining foods then you would be a perfect for teeth whitening. Teeth also become duller and more discolored with age which is why teeth whitening treatment can be ideal for anyone interested in brightening their smile.

How many times will I have to see a dentist for a brighter smile?

Luckily for our patients, our Grand Prairie dentists can alter the color of your teeth in just one visit. Patients will enjoy anywhere from three-five shades lighter in their first teeth whitening dental visit. How bright you want your teeth will determine how many treatments are needed. In some cases teeth whitening will be completed after multiple visits, while many are satisfied after only one treatment. Our dentist will examine your teeth and gums to determine your needs and discuss your goal.

How long does a single teeth whitening procedure last?

It is important to remember teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure. So, at home care after your treatment is vital. Individuals who regularly consume food and beverages which create stains might start to see the effects begin to fade in as short as 30 days. Conversely, individuals who sidestep staining foods and beverages could possibly see the effects of teeth whitening last up to a year before any further care is needed.

Similarly, caring for your smile can prolong the whiteness in your smile and can help make it last for up to six months or a year. Our highly-skilled dentists recommend staying away from harsh foods and beverages that promote teeth staining to make this happen as well. Of course, the level of brightness fluctuates from person to person and is also reliant on the state of your teeth, the degree of staining, and the kind of bleaching setup employed.

What’s the difference between do-it-yourself vs. professional dentist?

DIY treatments and treatments done by a professional dentist do not produce the same quality of care for your teeth. In fact, there are a few things to consider when attempting to understand the difference:

Bleach Strength

Product bought over-the-counter (OTC) and dentist distributed, at-home teeth whitening kits normally have a much less powerful bleach incorporated into their formula. Essentially, these types of teeth whitening products contain about 10% to 22% carbamide peroxide content, which typically is equal to approximately 3% hydrogen peroxide. Alternatively, teeth whitening done in the office have much higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide involved, with amounts reaching from 15% to 43%.

Dental Tray

When your dentist supervises an in-home treatment for your teeth whitening, they will need to make a dental impression to construct a mouthpiece tray which is form-fitted to your bite-lines. Not only does a perfect fit allow for maximum exposure of your teeth to the whitening solution, but it also reduces the amount of whitening agent touching your gums.

Furthermore, your dental practitioner will apply a specific gel to your gumline or even use a rubber guard which fits directly over your teeth. It is important to protect your oral cavity and gums from the side-effects of bleaching. OTC teeth whitening procedures do not offer these precautionary steps.