Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Do you or a loved one suffer from anxiety when it comes to receiving dental care? Wish there was a way to relax during your dental treatments? At Prime Dental we are proud to offer sedation dentistry in Grand Prairie for our patients that need a bit of help relaxing while visiting the dentist. Whether you suffer from mild or severe anxiety, we have the sedation solution perfect for you. Interested in sedation dentistry for your next appointment? Be sure to mention it when you schedule your appointment with our dentist at Prime Dental.

Laughing Gas Sedation

For patients that experience mild dental anxiety, laughing gas sedation may be the perfect option. Laughing gas mixed with oxygen is administered through a tiny mask, providing a euphoric, calm and relaxing experience for the patient. Once treatment is complete, the effects will quickly wear off, allowing the patient to return to their daily activities.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For more moderate dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation may be recommended. Oral conscious sedation involves prescribing an anti-anxiety medication which can be taken prior to treatment. Due to the effect of oral conscious sedation, patients are required to have a ride to and from their appointment.

IV Sedation

For severe dental phobias, IV sedation may be required. During IV sedation, medication is administered intravenously, causing the patient to be extremely relaxed quickly. During IV sedation, most patients can still properly communicate and follow directions, however, many patients report no memory of the treatment.

General Anesthesia

For extremely severe dental anxiety or more invasive procedures, general anesthesia may be recommended. General anesthesia puts the patient into a sleep-like state and is only recommended in extreme situations where other forms of sedation dentistry aren’t adequate.

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