Save Your Teeth from Decay – Here’s What You Need to Know

Save Your Teeth from Decay – Here’s What You Need to Know

Jan 01, 2020

Tooth decay is the condition where your teeth face destruction. From enamel to the inner layer, the dentin, are affected badly. Some people call it a bacterial attack and some refer to it as a side effect of sweets and carbohydrates. Tooth decay starts with a thin layer of plaque on the enamel. With every day that passes by, the plaque gets thicker and thicker. It contains deadly bacteria that release certain acids. These acids cause the darkening effect on your teeth. As the tooth decay gets older, the treatment requirements become tougher.

Stages of Tooth Decay

Severe and painful tooth decay conditions do not develop overnight. It takes time and different stages are crossed in the meantime. Here are the stages of tooth decay which will help stay conscious about your smile.

Stage 1: Dark Spots

The first stage of tooth decay is usually unidentifiable. It does not have any symptoms. Only dark spots appear on the tooth. They do not go off after brushing. There is no pain or breakdown, therefore, only a dentist can assure you if your teeth are decaying or not.

Stage 2: Enamel Breakdown

If you do not visit a dentist in the early stages of tooth decay, stage two is obvious and more dangerous. The tooth decay develops a cavity in the enamel and it starts breaking down. The more you let it stay, the deadlier for the teeth.

Stage 3: The Cavity Digs Deeper

Visit a dentist before the cavity digs deeper. In the third stage, the cavity penetrates the enamel and attacks the dentin. This is the last stage. Your tooth cannot be recovered from the damage but further problems can be prevented. If the germ attacks the pulp in your tooth, you may need a root canal therapy. This means there is no living nerve in the attacked tooth.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

As mentioned earlier, the first stage does not have any symptoms for the specification. The only thing you can do is to visit the dentist when a dark spot appears. Other stages have a few symptoms which are mentioned below.

  • Your teeth become extremely sensitive. Hot and cold drinks will become an enemy to you.
  • Extreme pain is a common symptom. In the third stage, this pain gets intolerable.
  • Sweets will become harder to eat.
  • Pain will accompany every bite you take.
  • Prominent holes in your teeth.
  • Discoloration of the teeth
  • Black, brown, and white spots are common.

Treatment for Tooth Decay

Having regular visits to the dentist will help identify cavities at an earlier stage. Here is a list of treatments that you might need. The performed treatment will be a result of the stage of tooth decay you have. Teeth cleaning in Grande Prairie have the following types.

Fluoride Treatment

For the first stage cavity, this treatment is advised. Your cavity has just started. The plaque has just started damaging the enamel. It can be saved with a fluoride treatment. Do not misunderstand the term fluoride here. Professional fluoride treatment has comparatively more fluoride than tap water or toothpaste. The dentist may use gel, varnish, or foam placed in a dental tray for the application.

Dental Fillings

Also called restorations, dental fillings are the actual treatment for cavities. If your decay has progressed to the second stage, you should choose the dental filling. This is the most advised dental cleaning in Grande Prairie. Various materials like amalgam, composite resins, and porcelain are the different names you will hear at the clinic. These materials are added to the cleaned area.

Root Canal Treatment

If the decay reaches the innermost layer of the tooth, the pulp of your tooth, the only way it can treated is root canal treatment. Your dentist will construct a hole in your tooth and scrape out all the infected pulp. The hole will be filled will a filling or a crown will be placed to cover the hole.

Tooth decay can be treated if you visit us on time. Our dentist will guide you to the right treatment. Keep good care of your smile. If you find any dark spots, visit Prime Dental immediately.