Inlay, Onlay or Crown?

Inlay, Onlay or Crown?

Mar 26, 2019

There are several options available with a dentist near you, in case you are looking to aesthetically enhance your teeth. Beyond aesthetic enhancement, there are several options available if you are looking for something more functional, such as inlay, onlay or a crown.

Generally, the debate between using an inlay, onlay or a crown would arise only when you are getting treated for cavities by a dentist in Grand Prairie. There are several ways to go around choosing between the three but the most logical way of understanding what will work for you, is by knowing what are the specific purposes of these three dental enhancements.

A competent dentist in Grand Prairie TX will be able to demonstrate to you, what are the key roles of an inlay, onlay or a crown.

a. First thing – they are used for treating cavities. Hence, which one of the given enhancements will be used will depend upon the propensity of cavity you have in tour tooth or teeth.

b. If the cavity is small enough, then the dentist in Grand Prairie might not even recommended an enhancement and might finish the process with a filling.

c. If the cavity is more ingrained within the tooth, the dentist in 75052 will recommend an inlay. It is precisely called an inlay to demonstrate that it helps in filling for the cavity which is largely inside the tooth.

d. Further, if the cavity is a bit too big for an inlay, an onlay is recommended. The dentist will take the required measurement of the cavity and go ahead with fixing the onlay. It is called an onlay because unlike an inlay which is more inside the tooth, an onlay is on the outer part of the tooth.

e. Finally, if the cavity is too big for all the three types of filling options – the dentist will ideally recommend fitting a crown. Now, fitting the crown is the most complex of all the three filling options. It requires precise measurements, adjustments and then the fitting. If you are going for a crown, you would have option of choosing between different materials as well.