Chipped a Tooth? Dental Bonding is for You!

Chipped a Tooth? Dental Bonding is for You!

Feb 27, 2019

Losing a tooth can be painful. Do you know what’s more painful? Getting a tooth chipped off! Since a chipped off tooth impacts your smile directly, it can negatively affect your confidence levels as well.

There can be several reasons why you might get your tooth chipped off. Your tripped from a place, you had a little accident, you got into a tussle with someone or something unexpected happed. The final picture being – that now your smile looks incomplete because of the chipped tooth. Do not worry. Your dentist in Grand Prairie can help you fix it with ease!

There are several solutions you can opt from. There are crowns, which give you a temporary covering for the chipped part. There are porcelain veneers, which more or less do the same. Then, there is dental bonding. You can get in touch with a dentist near you to know about more about these alternatives.

As a matter of fact, dental bonding is the cheapest of most other solutions available for fixing a chipped tooth. Your dentist in Grand Prairie can get it done in almost no time and without burning a hole in your pocket. Especially, the experts at Prime Dental (Grand Prairie) can get it done in under two sessions and with absolute precision.

The process is called bonding because artificial materials are bonded with the natural teeth elements. The process is not that complex to understand – a resin based part of the tooth is prepared in a laboratory. Then in the hands of an expert dentist in Grand Prairie TX it is fit on to the chipped off tooth using a mould; and before you know it – you have an identical looking tooth ready!

Nothing gives us all more confidence than a perfect smile. These days, we are almost always under the influence of a camera lens – taking a photo, uploading a video, putting up a story or just video calling with friends and family. Hence, it becomes extremely important to restore that perfect smile, when a tooth gets chipped off. Don’t worry – your dentist in 75052 will come to your rescue.