Causes of Tooth Pain

Causes of Tooth Pain

Mar 01, 2019

Are you suffering from persistent tooth pain? Are you confused about what can be the underlying reason for tooth pain? Tooth pain is a common dental issue but it should not be taken lightly as it can be an indication of a severe dental problem which needs to be addressed. The dentist near Grand Prairie states what can be the major reasons for tooth pain.

Broken or Damaged Filling

When you suffer from tooth pain because of cavities, the fillings can come to your rescue and relieve the pain. However, the same fillings can become the reason for tooth pain they become loose, broken, or damaged in any way. The bacteria can enter the place of the filling and cause pain, discomfort, and increased tooth decay. If you suspect having a broken or chipped dental filling, it is important to see the dentist in Grand Prairie TX as soon as possible so that he can replace the filling.

Teeth Grinding

According to dentist in Grand Prairie, the occasional teeth grinding or jaw clenching does not harm your dental health but frequent scenes of grinding and clenching when your are asleep can lead to severe pain your tooth and jaw along with wearing of tooth enamel, headaches and probably tooth loss as well.

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism can be difficult to diagnose as most people are not aware of it as it happen during the sleep. Mostly, the bed partner gets to hear the teeth grinding. If you suspect teeth grinding during sleep, you must stop by the dentist near 75052 so that he can offer a solution by identifying the signs of Bruxism.

Gum Infection

Gum infections are also touted as one of the leading cause of tooth pain. Apart from swelling, inflammation, and bleeding, the infection can also cause pain and even tooth loss. Gum infection can also progress if left untreated and lead to advanced gum disease known as Periodontitis. If you notice signs of gum infection, it is better to see the dentist near you to prevent the infection for progressing and getting the infection treated.